Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

- Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado -
rocky mountainsHere... Rocky Mountain National Park

There... Hiking, Camping, Elk, Moose, Coyote and Mountain Lions

Where... Estes Park, Colorado

bear fox rocky mountain national parkRecently I went to RMNP and recommend that you do as well. Whether you are flying out to Colorado Springs or Denver, stopping there on a road trip, or on tour with your band. It is a great place to either camp, hike, relax or explore. It can be for a weekend or just for a day, however long you like.

What I enjoyed the most was trying to find the wildlife. Here are some prime viewing areas in the park that you can most likely find those wild beasts:

Mountain Lion/Bobcat:
  • Estes Park
  • Grand Lake
  • Along the Colorado River in the Kawuneeche Valley
  • Wetland Areas
  • Moraine Park
  • Horseshoe Park
  • Upper Beaver Meadows
  • Harbison Meadow
  • Holzwarth Meadow
  • Throughout the Kawuneeche Valley


  1. I'd enjoy looking for the animals too if I were there. It would be like a little safari zone in Denver, Colorado! Parks like these should be promoted. They preserve not only local wildlife but nature's beauty as well. Such wonderful shots tells me that you really enjoyed being there at Rocky Mountain. Good for you!