Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sing to Every Song. - Followup to Foals

Foals 10/1/10foals music nyc bowery uk w/ Esben and the Witchesben and the witch concert nyc bowery uk The show went great! I feel bad for those of you who did not come out and enjoy a little British invasion @ the Bowery Ballroom.
The concert opened with Esben and the Witch, who played a solid set. I never heard them before, but now I will have to download some of their stuff. To me they were a perfect compliment to the Foals. Not so much "math" rock for this group but more of The XX and Crystal Castles mix.
Check Em Out! --> Esben and the Witch
The Foals played non-stop and had me singing to every single song. They played everything I could have hoped for. Each song building and being more epic than the last. They even had a killer Encore!
Check Em Out! --> Foals

The Set List from 10/1/10
1. Blue Blood
2. Olympic Airways
3. Total Life Forever
4. Cassius
5. Miami
6. Balloons
7. After Glow
8. 2 Trees
9. Spanish Sahara
10. Red Socks Pugie
11. Electric Bloom
- Killer Encore -
12. The French Open
13. Two Steps, Twice

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